News September-December 2019

Le-Mans France NDS 17th November 2019, judge S. Desserne (FR)
Mountainhead's Gypsy CAC CACIB & BOB & Best in Group 3 again

Cabanillas Spain IDS 10th November 2019, judge T. Stergulj Krusic (SLO)
Mountainhead's Gypsy, CAC CACIB BOB & Best in group 3
with this CACIB she became International Beauty Champion*

Rakvere Estonia 20th October 2019, judge A. Zeppi (IT)
Mountainhead's Guido, CAC & Best of breed.
with this CAC he became Estonian, Finnish and Latvian Champion
Poitiers France IDS 20th October 2019, judge R. Barenne (FR)
Mountainhead's Gypsy CAC CACIB & BOB
Later Gypsy ended in the last 6 of the group.

La Louviére Belgium 6th October 2019, judge P. Jentgen (B)
Mountainhead's Gypsy, CAC CACIB, BOB & Best in Group 3

Evergreen CO 7th September 2019, judge J. Lobb
Mountainhead's Dockside Whiskie, 5 points Winners dog

Dijon France 1st September 2019, judge J.J. Dupas (FR)
Mountainhead's Gypsy, CAC, CACIB, BOB & Best waterdog in Speciale
Wizlo Obrigada M's, CAC, rCACIB

Luxembourg 31st August 2019, judge T. Leenen (B)
Mountainhead's Gypsy, CAC, rCACIB
Wizlo Obrigada M's, CAC


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